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Can you overcharge a portable jump starter?

Can you overcharge a portable jump starter?

Of course, you can! But it shouldn’t be done at all.

Portable jump starters are designed to build up a certain amount of power. If the rate at which that power is being created changes, then it would no longer be able to hold enough power to start your vehicle. Overcharging any product reduces its lifespan significantly. This is especially true when talking about electronics since an overload in voltage or current can cause damage due to the sensitive electrical components inside these devices. Portable jump starters have fail-safe features built-in so they will shut down if their charge reaches 100%. So even though there may not be any noticeable damage on the outside, overcharge protection boards could have been fried and will therefore need to be replaced.

May I ask where did you get this information? Is it true?

Well, this is definitely an interesting question. I’m not 100% sure where this claim originated from but the best guess would be car forums which made their way up to public forums and social media pages. And you should really look into that.

What happens if I leave my portable jump starter plugged in for too long?

Just about anything can be overcharged, and a jump starter is no exception. Jump starters that list specifications for the 12-volt power supply contain a warning: “do not apply AC power to this unit – it will become hot and possibly damaged.” Usually, this warning is also accompanied by specific instructions on how long you can leave the device plugged in. The user’s manual for the Schumacher XP2260 jump starter recommends unplugging the unit after eight hours of charging time even if the battery indicator still shows as much as half charge remaining. Portable jump-starter models come with either one or two rechargeable batteries, each of which should only be charged individually; both batteries cannot be attached and recharged at once because they share a single power supply and charging cord, and overcharging one battery can cause problems with the other.

NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt

NOCO GB70 Lithium Jump Starter


The best way to avoid damaging a jump starter due to overcharge is never to leave it plugged in overnight or for longer than recommended by the manufacturer. If you need to be away from your vehicle for an extended period of time (like at work all day), then unplugging the unit after eight hours of charging should prevent any damage from occurring. It’s also possible that even if you remove the jump starter as soon as it hits full power, something could malfunction inside and cause damage anyway; however, this risk is still much lower than leaving a device plugged in overnight without supervision because parts wear out faster when they’re being used. Never charge a jump starter or anything that’s attached to one for longer than recommended.

In summary

You can actually damage your jump starter by overcharging it so please remember to unplug once the green LED lights up on your unit.

Excellent Spray Painting Tips For Professional

To have the perfect spray painter for a project, you need to take lots of factors into consideration. In this article, we will give you four spray painting tips on how to choose a good paint sprayer for professionals. Keep reading and proceed with what you have planned!

Four Spray Painting Tips – As Effectively As Possible

Keep in mind how big your project is

If you are professional and large-scale projects are no stranger to you, then large, and heavy-duty spray painters would be what you need.

To be more specific, a heavy-duty sprayer offers better pressure, or in other words – power. Better power equals faster working speed. So, look for a sprayer that has high pounds per square inch (PSI) if you want your job to be finished quicker. 

In addition, larger sprayers have bigger tips, which will help you control the sprayer coating thickness, width, and speed as well.

On the contrary,  a small spray painter would be more suitable for medium-sized jobs. A handheld paint sprayer with a small tip and low-to-mid pressure is enough to handle simple tasks like painting a small mural or repainting furniture, etc.

Find the right equipment for the surface of your project 

One of the most critical factors you need to remember is getting a competent sprayer for your project’s surface material. For example, if you are going to use it to coat the roof or paint a big wall, then buying a small hand-sized spray painter isn’t the way to go. 

Painting tools
Man with tools

Large paint sprayers can use a variety of paints to give the best results for large surfaces. They also work well with different surface materials such as marble, metal, etc. Especially, they have high PSI to offer thicker coating and large tips to spray paint quickly and effectively. 

A smaller spray painter couldn’t give you such results if the material of your surface requires odd paint types out of its support range.  If you try to fix this by adding more layers, the final result may look uneven. Not to mention the possibility of your device being overloaded and damaged.

Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on the sprayer

As a rule of thumb, for the purpose of saving costs, people take it for granted that the cheaper, the better. But “cheaper” spray painter may not get your job done perfectly.

As a professional, you can’t work without the use of a paint sprayer. This means that you will use your paint machine for a variety of projects, long working hours with high working intensity – equivalent to a higher chance of the device getting damaged. 

You should invest in a good, quality machine that has full, complete features. Expensive as it might sound, it is suitable for your job’s workload intensity.

On the other hand, if you are buying a sprayer for residential jobs only, then save your money with a smaller handheld sprayer. A second-hand spray painter isn’t a bad idea, either!  

Contemplate the amount of money for maintenance

The cost of maintaining your device should be taken into consideration. Depending on the model of the paint sprayer, its components, as well as its structure, can determine whether it would be expensive for the device to go under maintenance or not.

If the model is too new or too old, the components would be hard to find, and it might be costly getting it fixed. If it’s built with simple construction, you could maintain it yourself without having to go to the professional and save money.  


More times than not, people often make the mistake of not listing what they need most in their spray painter and end up wasting money.

We believe that after reading our four spray painting tips above, you now know what to do with a spray painter to get your project done correctly.  Be careful and make a smart choice! Good luck!

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What is the best spot carpet cleaner machine

What is the best spot carpet cleaner machine

We can select and also purchase professional carpet washer or carpet washing machine at a low price by checking where to purchase the most inexpensive item.

Either we rely upon quality with the best value for money or the best rate for well-known carpet washers offered online. Family hygiene calls for powerful multifunctional suction and also cleaning accessories.

If you are a launderer, you need the most effective rug washing machine, floor cleaner, or carpet washer suggested by the market.

What is the best spot carpet cleaner machine

What is the best carpet washing machine on the market?

A home carpet cleaning device can additionally cleanse good Persian carpets that need to eliminate spots from smooth indoor surface areas or upholstered surface areas but likewise from elbow chairs, kitchen areas, bed mattresses, floorings, rugs, and stairways.

What is the most effective spot rug cleaner equipment?

However what are the most effective spot rug cleaners?
Which is the best portable rug cleaner?
Which is the very best handheld carpet cleaner?

If these are a few of the important things you are dealing with, you are in good luck as I have actually assessed the very best carpetings spot cleaners making your job easier.

Benefits of the best spot carpet cleaner for pet stains.

A portable carpeting cleaner is a lighter, more portable variation of the upright vacuum; just that you can not use it for requiring tasks or cleansing huge locations. It comes with several advantages which will certainly be an advantage to house owners.

Below are some of the minority benefits.


With their light-weight style comes portability. Whether the very best portable hoover includes a cord or otherwise, you can take it with you anywhere. You have a lot more opportunities to clean outdoors, in addition to inside your home. You can clean your automobile as well as your bedroom.


Aside from dimension, these devices likewise happen to be light; one more benefit over the upright cleaners. Because of this, they will be simpler to lug about the house. They position less of a threat, particularly when you bring them up or down the stairways.

3. Compact.

Handheld rug cleaners are about half the size of most spot carpet cleaners. Their small dimension though is their key advantage over standard carpet cleaners. They are very easy to shop and ideal for people with restricted storage rooms and are additionally an outstanding option for people with smaller homes such as Motor homes as well as dorm rooms.

4. Quick Cleanings.

Immediate cleansing is one more excellent benefit of these devices. You can tidy up your child’s mess in a trice, remove little messes prior to pursuits get here, and also tidy pet dog hair.

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5. Easy to Use.

Finally, utilizing these devices is a cakewalk. They are excellent for children as well as the senior.


6 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Regarding Cleansing Carpeting

Cleansing your own carpeting is definitely an essential part of maintaining your house searching it’s greatest. However, there is a correct method along with an incorrect method to thoroughly clean your own carpeting. For instance, you can pick the incorrect kind of cleansing answer, or even you will possibly not recognize exactly how often carpets and rugs really should end up being cleaned out. Nearing rug cleaning within the wrong manner might make your own cleansing initiatives not successful; in some instances, it might actually harm your own carpeting. Prior to starting out, think about the next queries to make sure an effective rug cleaning encounter.

1.Whenever had been the final period We cleaned out my personal carpets and rugs? Maintaining your own carpets and rugs searching clean demands normal upkeep. You will want to vacuum cleaner floor coverings at least one time per week, as well as clean up any kind of splatters as well as unsightly stains the moment these people happen. Additionally, the actual Carpeting, as well as Area rug Start, suggests your carpets and rugs appropriately heavy cleaned out at least one time each and every 12 in order to 1 . 5 years.

2. What type of carpeting will I possess? That could seem like the foolish query, however, it is an essential 1, because the greatest method of cleansing depends upon the kind of carpeting or even area rug. Little rugs might be device washable. For those who have a sizable rug, a person might be able to go outdoors as well as defeat this to get rid of grime, although you will ultimately have to heavy thoroughly clean this too. You are able to vacuum cleaner the wall-to-wall carpeting, however, to obtain it thoroughly clean, you will need to turn to expert rug cleaning providers. Lastly, vintage, Asian, or even antique area rugs tend to be sensitive as well as need unique dealing with, therefore it is best to employ an expert along with knowledge in this region.


3.Exactly what difficulties perform I wish to tackle? Before you begin focusing on producing the actual carpeting clean, you should know what you need to complete. A person might be able to get rid of a little spot along with place cleansing, however, in the event that inlayed grime may be the issue, heavy cleansing will likely be required. Additionally, coping with difficulties for example mildew or even dog smell demands unique methods, therefore make sure to clarify your own issues at length whenever analyzing various rug cleaning providers.


4. Do you know the manufacturer’s suggestions? Before you begin cleansing the actual carpeting, check using the producer regarding suggested treatment. Various producers might suggest specific cleansing items with regard to heavy or even place cleansing. They might have a summary of authorized experts.

5.Exactly what is the greatest rug cleaning technique? You have a number of choices with regard to sustaining the actual carpeting. With regard to normal upkeep as well as to cope with little unsightly stains as well as splatters, cleaning as well as place cleansing might be adequate. However, to actually get carpets and rugs clean, you will need to employ an expert. Whenever selecting an organization, you will want to enquire about exactly what cleansing technique these people make use of (such because warm water removal or even dried out cleaning), whether or not they vacuum cleaner the actual carpets and rugs prior to cleansing, as well as whether or not they make use of eco-friendly techniques.

6.Just how long are you currently running a business as well as what’s your own encounter? If you are employing an expert rug cleaning organization, it is best to learn how lengthy the organization has been around the company as well as just how much encounter they’ve along with home or even industrial. You may even like to ask about what type of instruction specialists obtain as well as what type of items these people make use of with regard to rug cleaning.

Final thought


Rug washers often integrate additional accessories that transform them into a flexible vacuum. Right here, if you are searching for a flexible house device, this type of carpet washing maker is for you. The very best patterns allow you to wash any type of sort of textile, for example, drapes and also sofas. It is very important to evaluate your demands and make a selection as necessary.


On the market, there are a lot of multifunctional proposals that can carry out different procedures, and their costs are not always higher.

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Electric impact wrench | Best & reviews & ratings

Best electric impact wrench.

best electric impact wrench

An electric impact wrench is an electric tool that is used for screwing and removing screws. It looks like a miniature drill, though much lower capacity, but not capable of drilling holes.
It consists of various elements, such as a metal and plastic body, where the execution speed controls, a trigger, and a spindle are inserted, in which the desired tip is inserted.
There are different types of electric impact wrenches on the market.
Each type is for each type of work to be performed. They are divided into several different categories:
Wired electric impact wrench and pneumatic actuation wrench. As for the impact wrench, this is an electrically actuated wrench using a mechanism that allows the generation of a series of pulses associated with the rotation of the spindle.
You can choose from a variety of models such as pneumatic, electric, or battery-powered. A good bearing spanner ensures torque of 220-newton meters.

What is the impact wrench made of?

The impact wrench has quality when it has factors such as the cooling fan, which activates when the tool is under load and overheats, and the safety systems stop spinning the spindle when it reaches the point.
Force is opposite to the force exerted by the larger screwdriver motor, which preserves its exact function.
In addition, the battery must be recharged periodically, and recharging time is about 30 minutes. A good impact wrench has a convenient handle, a speed selector, and a torque selector.
Generally, an impact wrench is used in the industrial and automotive sectors, but it is used by all types of workers, as its performance is very effective at any kind of tightening.


How many people have evaluated the impact wrench?

Having to say that the electric impact wrench can be considered either positive or negative. You should not only consider the positives just because you have assumed that the Impact Wrench is a high-quality product.

How much does a good product like an electric shock wrench cost?

Also, always check the number of ratings for a product. The more impact Wrench customer reviews, the more accurate these values ​​will be.
Having fewer reviews doesn’t necessarily mean the Impact Wrench has a problem. Maybe the product hasn’t been on the market long enough to get many reviews.


Always want to buy the best product at the lowest possible price? Of course, this is also the case when purchasing electric impact wrench.
Buyers want good quality at a great price. Easier said than done.
We offer our customers the fairest price to buy a product by comparing prices from different sellers. This way we save you a lot of money by getting high-quality Impact Wrench at the best possible price.

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